The Vatican Relations with Pakistan ( 1961 – 2005 )


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Since the Vatican is a Christian country which ruled by a Pope on the top whereas on the other hand, Pakistan is a Muslim country which has some extremists who are bombing and killing anyone who’s not following their religion. This thing definitely makes the relationship a little bit harder for both countries and also for the small number of Christians living there. Both countries been through some issues regarding the free religion and some other stuff like anti-blasphemy law. And that’s what Pope Benedict XVI did when he called for Pakistan to repeal its anti-blasphemy law and said that Muslim countries do much more to protect minority Christians from violent attacks. in this paper, I want you to focus on how did both countries started their relations with each other. And also to talk about the Pope and the Pakistani Government, that how they are trying to stand beside each other in order to solve the Christian Muslims problems within Pakistan. between this period of time ( 1961-2005 ). And also I want you to send the sources.

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