This essay outline will be comparing two texts which are:


This essay outline will be comparing two texts which are:
1) The Kite Runner by

Khaled Hosseini
2) The In-Between World of Vikram Lall by M.G Vassanji

Before the writer writes the outline for this comparative essay I wish for him or her to read thorough summaries of both books as this outline has to be detailed. I

will also be ordering the writer to write the comparative essay as soon as this outline is delivered.





This will be a comparative essay outline! The format of this outline is attached in a file. the writer has to create a STRONG thesis for the comparative essay of both

novels. This thesis should include three strong arguments showing that both novels are similar. Each argument (controlling idea) should have key supporting points with

evidence from the book like quotes.

You can compare both novels on the basis of themes, geography, history, economics, politics, power, social/cultural order, masculinity, femininity, race,oppression,

social class, ethnicity, universal themes,etc.

You have to create a STRONG thesis that shows what is similar in both novels. This thesis is only strong if you support it with strong arguments. Be sure to have proof

for the arguments. Once again the thesis should be STRONG and show that some thought and deep analysis has been put into it. Thank you!