This is a male freshman assignment, and the directions are as follows:


This is a male freshman assignment, and the directions are as follows:

You are invited to visit The New York Times Learning Network at you arrive at this site, you should visit the News Summaries. Read through the summaries until you find a story that interests you and that is somehow related to the lesson theme: tolerance. Write the name of the story down.

Okay, now its time to use a search engine to search for more media coverage about the story you wrote down. Once you search for more media coverage, you are bound to receive at least 10 different hits. Decide on three different vendors. For example, you have already read the story from the New York Times angle,

so now choose three differnt vendors (like Fox News, CNN, or Newsweek)/
The next step is to read the same story from those three differnt vendors. Here’s the catch- you are going to search for the common thread between all of these stories. You are going to get to the truth. While doing so, you are going to see in living color how different vendors tell the same story in their own unique ways.

It is now time to complete this assignment. It should be completed on a computer using a spreadsheet’s drawing tools and cutting and pasting in art work.

1. Decide what the basic and true facts are about the story that you just studied. (These facts should be found in all the news stories) In the middle of the paper, write those down and draw a circle around those facts.

2. Draw three lines from that circle. At the end of each line, insert cartoon figures that represent the personalities of the news vendors where you read about your story.
3. Next to each cartoon character, write the name of the news vendor and jot down some notes describing why you chose to draw the cartoon that you did. When you have finished draw a circle around each image and your notes.

4. From each of these circles draw one line. At the end of each line draw a circle. Inside these circles write the facts that were included n just that news vendors story. These facts should not be found in aby other news vendor’s story.
5. When you are finished look at the image you have created. In a short essay,please describe what you have learned about navigating your way through mixed media messages.