Topic #2 – Expanding Your Abilities


Topic #2 – Expanding Your Abilities

Discussion Question:

In Maurer’s Chapter 10, the author discusses various ways to expand the reach of what you are learning in this class.  Hopefully, students won’t complete the course and forget what you have learned.  

Considering both the PrOACT model and Maurer’s 8-step model for change, what will you do to ensure that you remember to use these two methodologies going forward in both your personal and professional lives.  Use examples if you can such as working with direct reports, team members, and a management team.  
2. Student’s reply:

I like the example from Maurer of the businessman who keeps a copy of the cycle of change with him a all times (maurer. 2010).  For me I keep a few power point layouts which I tend to work with when I am brain storming.  I am going to put both the 8 step model and the PrOACT model as page 1.  That way I will see them as I start my brainstorming and be off to a good start.  I think also when working with reports it is good to explain the entire change process to them. This way it lets them know you understand what they are going through.  Also when working with a new management team to go through the steps could help get everyone on the same page.