Vietnamese Women


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Culture and Society of Vietnam
Research Paper Guidelines

Your research should investigate in detail an aspect of Vietnamese culture or society that interests you. This is an anthropological not an historical paper. That is, do not simply document an historical period. You may, however, choose to look at an aspect of Vietnamese culture in an earlier historical context (eg, the role of women under French colonialism).
The paper should be 2-3 typed pages (12 point font, 1.25” margins) and in formal, essay style. This should not be thrown together at the last minute.

• Papers should be 8-10 pages (standard 12-point font, double spaced, 1.25” margins)
• Be sure that your essay has a clear and recognizable thesis and that the subsequent paragraphs of your essay argue for and support that thesis with ample and relevant evidence.
• Give your essay a title that reflects your thesis.
• You should draw on at least ten articles, chapters, and books by as many different authors as possible.
• Be sure to quote and cite these sources properly using Chicago author-date style for in-text citations. You should consult the citation and bibliography guide posted on blackboard (under course documents) if you have questions, or come see me.
• Papers should be grammatically correct and typo-free: please proofread (twice!).

Note on sources:
Appropriate sources include peer reviewed articles and books from reputable academic publishers. See blackboard for recommended journals in Anthropology, History, Asian and Vietnamese studies. I also recommend speaking with a research librarian at STL Library once you have chosen your topic. DO NOT DRAW UPON INTERNET SITES FOR YOUR RESEARCH or use them as sources. There is a lot of incorrect information about Vietnamese culture on the web and many sites copy from one another and replicate these mistakes. In some cases, your topic may necessitate use of web sources. You MUST see me to discuss these sites before including them in your research.

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