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The writing assignment is to research, prepare a report and present it in class on a current issue of intergovernmental relations or a historical development of intergovernmental relations in a specific area of interest. The report needs to:

Describe the affected government agencies

Discuss one or more intergovernmental issues involving these agencies

Relate the primary financial, public service and programmatic relationships or conflicts

Identify and discuss significant policy issues

Be no more than 30 pages

you have to use those books

The Constitution of the United States of America (hard copy or internet)

American Intergovernmental Relations, Laurence J. O?Toole, Jr., Editor,

2006, 4th Edition, CQ Press, Washington, DC

Federalism: The Politics of Intergovernmental Relations

David C. Nice, St. Martin?s Press, Inc. 1987

Newspaper articles during the course regarding intergovernmental issues (Los Angeles Times and/or Ventura County Star).

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what I would like you to do to talk about this issue and how many agnice work together to fix this issues


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