You are the Chief Information security Officer (CISO) of a small medium sized – accounting Services Company. In the last few weeks, senior staff have been complaining that some confidential information has been disclosed via email without any authorisation. You are approached by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to discuss the issue and see the most appropriate way to tackle this problem. You suspect that some of the employees might be using their technical skills to access sensitive information either from the mail servers or during transmission. To counteract this malpractice, you suggest the CIO the implementation of encryption. Before you actually implement the system, you want to conduct a pilot using the GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) software.

The pilot requires that you install GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) software onto your own computer and complete the following activities.

After installing GPG software onto your own computer, complete the following tasks:

1. Generate your own key-pair by using GPG software and do not create a pass-phrase for your private key (in a real world this is not a good practice. Just for the sake of this assignment, do not create a pass-phrase). You need to use screen-shots to show that you have successfully completed this task. A valid screen-shot is similar to the one shown in Figure 1. Pay attention to the red circles, which demonstrate the success of key pair generation

2. Export your public key and paste it into your assignment document. You need to use two screen-shots to show that you have successfully completed this task. One screen-shot is to show the use of gpg command and the other is to show the exported public key

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