What factors lead to job satisfaction


However, you draw up hypotheses about the height Of job satisfaction, fit, etc. In addition to the hypotheses that have not been drawn up correctly, to perform a t-

tests is not sufficient for this course. perform a few tests in spss in order to test the hypotheses and analyze the research question, like; Demographic statistics,

Reliability analyses, Descriptive statistics, Hypotheses testing etc. – ??please copy the test/ outcomes from spas to excel and add this a a appendix. So change your

hypotheses to the following hypotheses and test it accordingly as i explained above. – H1: Transformational leadership is positively related to job satisfaction. – H2:

The positive relation between tl and wt is mediated by PS-fit”.?? – i will opload the results section that i handled in and which was not correct yet. (assignment that

needs to be revisoned) ?- i will opload spss data files in order to make the correct analyses. ?- i will opload examples of what kind of test needs to be done

(example; regression analyses)? – i will also apload powerpoint slides which gives examples of what and how to do and what is exected of this assignment.?? if you need

more info, please let me know. thank you

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