What is meant by sociological imagination according to C. Wright Mills? How does the sociological imagination explain unemployment and poverty


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The components of assessment for this module are all connected. The essay plan encourages the working-out initial outline and working-through of an academic argument, including key ideas, sources and examples to be used. In response then to commentary provided by the assessor upon the draft, the student is expected to write a formal academic essay in compliance with conventions of citation and referencing .You are required to make an essay plan providing (500 words).You essays plan and should be clearly marked. The essay plan should be written in the third person or presented in the form of a diagram. When devising your essay plan, you should evaluate each point you wish to include, asking whether it really constitutes a necessary part of the argument you are trying to make and, if so, where it best fits in the structure of that argument.
The assessed learning outcomes for this assignment are as follows:
L1. Describe and summarize the project and specialist areas of sociology, demonstrating key knowledge of the field in relation to questions of social justice

L4. Illustrate understanding through considered evaluation of evidence and reading
L6. Show awareness of multiple perspectives and differences among critical positions
Plagiarism is a serious assessment offence and will be treated as a breach of the Academic & Assessment Regulations.

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