What is performance excellence?


1.  What is performance excellence?

2.  What are the principles of total quality?

3.  List Crosby’s Absolutes of Management.

4.  Describe the composition of each category in the Baldrige Criteria.

5.  Contrast total quality (TQ) and Six Sigma.

6.  Compare the three major frameworks for quality systems.

7.  Briefly describe the DMAIC process in Six Sigma.

8.  List the performance measures under the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria.

9.  Briefly describe the various elements of strategy development.

10.  List the practices used to improve customer-supplier relationships.

11.  Briefly describe the Resource Dependence Perspective.

12.  Compare leadership teams and quality improvement teams.

13.  List the members of a Six Sigma team.

14.  List the various criteria for effective teamwork.

15.  Describe the factors which have been identified that will influence the way people react to jobs that have high levels of the task characteristics.

16.  List the leadership competencies summarized by the American Society for Quality.

17.  Describe the situational leadership theory and list the levels of readiness associated with it.

18.  List the leadership styles associated with the different levels of readiness.

19.  Briefly describe the stages of a quality life cycle.

20.  Describe the Baldrige journey.

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