What role should the HR function play in supporting this initiative


This exam question requires that at least 600 words, at least 4-7 reference list, Harvard Reference System, and giving examples.

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About the question: Your organisation has taken a strategic decision to give corporate social responsibility (CSR) significantly greater emphasis in all parts of the company. What role should the HR function play in supporting this initiative?

Structure and Important Points

Key point: How to be CSR

Why it is important. What are the benefits?

1. Sustainable development

2. Increase efficiency, reduce waste

3. Increase reputation

4. Building trust

CSR context/activity: environment, marketplace, workplace, community, international dimension

Stakeholder theory: Internal, external

CSR Strategy:  

1. Identify the area

2. Convince/persuade top management

3. How to communicate

4. Provide training

5.Benchmark (Macroscopic—other companies,Microscopic—Balance score card)


The relationship between HR and CSR, Why is important for each other?

1. Need to change/adapt

2. CSR involves many HR

3. Overlap

4. Strategy Advantage

5. Increase effectiveness

6. Business partner

7. Build the culture


How HR to support CSR?

1.      Good manager

2.      Pay more attention on employee’s voice

3.      Recruitment/development

4.      Employ take part in social activities (engagement)

5.      Psychological contract

6.      Work-life balance

7.      Passion/ welfare

Reading list:

Armstrong (2009) Chapter 9 ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’

Taylor et al (2008) Chapter 30 ‘Ethics and CSR’

Preuss, L, Haunschild, A, & Matten, D 2009, ‘The rise of CSR: implications for HRM and employee representation’, International Journal Of Human Resource Management, 20, 4, pp. 953-973

Watkins, J 2003, ‘HR must ‘deliver on CSR”, People Management, 9, 16, p. 10



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