Wrong Cupid

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wrong cupid essay prompt

Wrong Cupid

All my life I’ve thought about whether Cupid was indeed genuine. It is realized that Cupid’s bow and arrow could make a couple hopelessly enamored. I figured it was senseless putting stock in that sort of stuff. It was not until this day, which I, came to encountering the affection from cupid’s arrow.

It was one sunny day when my family and I were traveling in a Beach for the mid-year. We had leased a timeshare close to the shoreline, despite the fact that it was very unwinding, I was getting somewhat exhausted. Indeed, even my sibling and I couldn’t do anything to enliven ourselves. It was late in the evening, and I chose to go out for a stroll on the shoreline without anyone else’s input. Much to my dismay, the inconvenience was flying around.

As I stepped outside, I heard laughter and music coming far from the house not very from the beach. Men and women swarmed the beach, with wine cups in their hands, and as I approach, a lady was standing away from the crowd. As I could see her face in the moonlight, she looked about my age. She was just my height an angel she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, she wore an evening dressed for a party. As I continued to stare, she noticed me and caught my eye. I didn’t realize how long we were staring at each other until she asked if am going to say anything. As soon as she talked, I felt something poke my side, and I looked to see wings fluttering above me. The girl had not noticed, as we had been in the dark. Her name was Sarah.

All this time I had this funny feeling to rush over and kiss her, but I hadn’t even known her for an hour! I was pondering what was not right with me, especially since I was in a relationship before but I had never felt this way. I finally got courage I went for it, just before I could hold her, he came her boyfriend; my world had just crumbled I felt stupid how can a beautiful lady like her not have boyfriend ??

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