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I want you to correct and added information on this assignment (attached ) . I did it and I got less marks I am not happy with the mark and I want to do it again.
here are the details of duty.

1- outline __ “Select one Supreme Court of Canada case from those suggested by the instructor. After reading the decision at will consider the impact on public education in Canada, and what the case has meant or will mean for the school leader and for education in general . in opportunity to discuss the case and its implications for school leadership will occur in class either in school or in another environment to make connection. write a five to seven-page paper about the decision and its implication .include some discussion about what they found interesting about Supreme Court Of Canada decision. direct quotation from the decision is highly desirable.”
2- 5-7 pages
3-double space
4- APA style
notes please. the added on the same topic and ideas that I wrote

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